Urban Aluminum Multi-function pole (MFP) provides a future proof platform for todays and tomorrows infrastructure and technology needs.  The UA Community Small Cell is designed to fit seemlessly into the modern street scape with a close visual relationship to the larger UA range of light poles and street furniture.


To deliver a Multi-Function Pole that accommodates technology from all major telecommunications companies as well as lighting and IoT infra-structure.

To offer a future proofed platform for todays and tomorrows communication and infrastructure needs.

To integrate as part of a suite of poles and street furniture that enhances the streetscape.

To have sufficient volume to enable internal mounting of small cell technology and associated equipment.

To provide ease of access to enable efficient maintenance of equipment. To offer independently accessed areas within the pole.

To offer efficient ventilation for heat removal.

To deliver a robust and secure enclosure.



  • High capacity base.

  • Initial design for hardware based on a 365 mm maximum diameter.

  • Integrated bracketing.

  • Featuring Urban Aluminium’s patented attachement system.

  • Part of a suite of matching poles.

  • Maintaining the standard footing arrangement to other poles in the UA range.

  • Aluminium construction with steel chassis.

  • Doors enable all round access to equipment. Zoned access of power and Comms acheived by vertical bulkhead.

  • Venturi ventilation for heat removal.


  • We are experienced in aluminium MFP’s and architectural light poles.

  • We have a highly experienced design team with telecommunications experience.

  • We are an integral part of GM Poles Pty Ltd – Australia's second largest steel pole manufacturer and designer.

  • We fabricate and assemble in Sydney.

  • We are highly cost effective.

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