The UA Aluminium Pole system has been designed to offer a future proofed multi-function pole incorporating a universal bracketing system enabling the mounting, relocation and retro-fitting of a myriad of applications to the light pole without damage to the pole or the application.

UA Multi-function poles are manufactured as a suite of poles with the same complementary aesthetic:

  • UA Community MFP for heights 3.5m to 8.5m (230mm diameter base and 175mm diameter upper mast).

  • UA City MFP – for height 9m to 12m (231mm diameter base and 219mm diameter upper mast).

  • UA Equipment mounting brackets


  • Marine grade structural aluminium components

  • High capacity (230mm Día OD/ 222mm ID) base section, 1.7m or 2.2m high with equipment mounting straps

  • Two access hatches as standard. Options for additional hatches and choice of opening mechanisms

  • 175mm or 219mm Diameter upper mast incorporating an integrated equipment mounting system in the profile of the extrusion.

  • Contrasting coloured pole cap and dress ring.

  • Option for corporate branding to pole base.

  • Choice of anodised, powder coated or painted finishes

  • Suitable for all wind regions through the addition of modular strengthening sleeves as dictated by our Engineers

  • Passive safe

  • IP 56 rating

With today’s technology changing rapidly, there is a need to ensure that future electronics and accessories will be able to be housed on the Multi-function Smart pole, an issue with many Smart Pole designs today, that are future limited due to poles housing specific equipment internally to chase a current aesthetic. 


The pole offers the necessary adaptability by creating a flexible equipment mounting platform that maintains an architectonic style.  With the capacity to make CCTV poles, banner poles and IoT poles ensures the system is truly multi-functional.

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