Aluminium as a material is ideally suited for the manufacture of Multi-Function and architectural light poles. Our poles use structural grade 6000 Series alloys whose benefits deliver:

  • Corrosion resistance – Aluminium is not subject to the rusting issues of steel poles.

  • Aesthetic qualities of Aluminium poles with a range of finishes available including mill finish, anodising (clear and coloured), warranty grade powder coatings or painted finishes.

  • Sustainability with a carbon footprint significantly lower than its main competitors and fully recyclable

  • Ease of installation and handling due to its light weight structural qualities

  • Passive safety – its impact absorbing capability due the ductile nature of the alloys used, contributes to creating a safer streetscape.

  • Cost effectiveness over the lifecycle

  • Longevity with a design life of 50 years

  • Strength through advanced design

  • Zero to minimal maintenance needs

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